Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi,this is Miho by Devon aoki in the movie Sin city.I have done this during my free time as my hobby and improve my 3d skills.I try to avoid a smooth skin on her face like normal girls,as she is an assassin kind of character.I use zbrush for poles details and base mesh in maya.Final render is done with mental ray and photoshop for color correct.Thx!

Hi,this is the character i done during my freetime.I wish to create a monster which have a normal human behavior.I get inspired by the suburb culture from Asia for the character and background.He is a butcher and a cook for a small restaurant ,and i want to create a potrait photography feel for the image.I use maya and Zbrush to do the image.Hope you like it,Thx!
this is the link that i post on cg talk forum.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi,this is the image that i have done for GnomonWorkshop challenge on september.I won 3rd prize and i am happy to share it here,Thzx..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hi,these are the Pictures of the robot that i have render for 1 of my company's job.The modeling and rigging is done by my friends.I am responsible for posing ,shading and rendering.Unfortunately the client don't like much with the robot so i hope to share it with peoples.I am using maya and mental ray.Thx!

Hi,this is my work Harley Davidson 'fatbob 2010' that i have done in about 1 and half months.I have learned a lot from this personal project and take me some times to study the structure and beauty of the motorcycle.The hardest part for me is the rendering parts.I have to experiment a lot to get the ideal shader that's in my mind.I use maya and mental ray for 3D parts,adobe photoshop for Color correct a bit.

By the way,i have done some video and rendering just for fun..Overall i am enjoying the process of the work.Thx!

*i have post my work in Cg-cars net.Pls take a look inside

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi,this is my first artwork posted at my blog.This is actually a practice of doing some human character during my free time.I used maya ,zbrush and photoshop to do it.I dont have time to do the hair and eyelash stuff in this time.Anyway,it is a practice,thx.