Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi,this is the image that i have done for GnomonWorkshop challenge on september.I won 3rd prize and i am happy to share it here,Thzx..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hi,these are the Pictures of the robot that i have render for 1 of my company's job.The modeling and rigging is done by my friends.I am responsible for posing ,shading and rendering.Unfortunately the client don't like much with the robot so i hope to share it with peoples.I am using maya and mental ray.Thx!

Hi,this is my work Harley Davidson 'fatbob 2010' that i have done in about 1 and half months.I have learned a lot from this personal project and take me some times to study the structure and beauty of the motorcycle.The hardest part for me is the rendering parts.I have to experiment a lot to get the ideal shader that's in my mind.I use maya and mental ray for 3D parts,adobe photoshop for Color correct a bit.

By the way,i have done some video and rendering just for fun..Overall i am enjoying the process of the work.Thx!

*i have post my work in Cg-cars net.Pls take a look inside