Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi,this is my latest personal 3d work that i I have spend about 3 weeks to finish it.This is actually one of the famous Manga ' Gurren Lagann' robots call 'King Kittan'.Although Kittan is not the main character in the movie,but he is my favourite anyway.I try to Re-imagine it in my own design and style.Finally i decide to create a scene where take place inside a giant mothership,and kittan is under repair and brush up.After i draw a rough concept art and research online,i start to build it day by day.I want to achieve a good lighting mood in this time.So,i didn't use any FG or GI ,all is light up by basic spotlight,area light and directional.Hopefully to achiece the impression of 'this is cool'.I am the fan of the movie too,'ROLL ROLL FIGHT THE POWER',thx!

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  1. Hi Teoh ! First, I just want to congratulate you for your excellent work ! Then, I'm a fan of Gurren Lagann and I think the spirit and the atmosphere of Gurren Lagann is released from your work !

    I'm really interested to see a little making of, of your picture if you could prepare it. For example, an image before/after compositing. :)

  2. I'm also a fan. ha

    Thanks for letting me know there is a movie! Had no clue.